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Cheated On, But Is Time Really A Healer?

When you've been vheated on Is time really a healer?

Written By Dee Nacole

I knew his schedule inside out; I had it down to a tee. I knew the people he chilled with and spent time with. Then it all began to shift, his time was more valuable elsewhere, and he began hanging out with a new crowd, taking detours from work. He began doing everything that excluded me.

But how could I prove this? How could I prove where he was when he wasn’t with me? It all sounded too much, paranoid even. Of course he can have time apart from me, but why didn’t he want to spend any of his time with me? Who else had his attention?

A woman’s intuition they call it. That instinct telling you to question his honesty, that little voice telling you to check his phone, that feeling telling you deep inside that the love is gone.

I think the hardest part to deal with after you have been cheated on is accepting it. Accepting that everything in the relationship that you have been working and building on has just been instantly decimated, because of someone else’s decisions and actions that you had no control over. Accepting that the trust has been broken, and although you may forgive, you will forever replay that moment which will not let you forget.

They say it takes double the amount of time you were with someone before you get over them. Who’s got that kind of time? Everyone says give it time and I will get over it. They make it sound so logical, perhaps they are right.  Maybe the healing process is just a question of time. 

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Bastille & Rudimental Produce A Bastimental Music Moment

We are reliving one of the finest music showcases of the year, which the majority of us have already witnessed, on a stage celebrating the U.K’s best artists. A masterclass performance by two British acts in the most intense and harmonious melodic bout you’re likely to see this year.

In the Red corner was Bastille, who won Best British Breakthrough Act, influenced by hits such as Pompeii. In the Blue corner were our friends Rudimental who blazed the charts in 2013 with moving hits such as Waiting All Night, which rightfully beat off stern competition and we mean STERN COMPETITION to win best British Single at the Brit Awards 2014 .

Between them in the midst of the purple stage lights emerged; ‘Bastimental’ -  or for the more pedantic ‘Bastimentaleyre.’  A match made in heaven for music greatness;  orchestrated so perfectly  even the late Sir Colin Rex Davis would have been proud. Although the bass levels may have been a slight shock to the system for him. 

Simply put it just had everything. From the solo vocal  performances of the charismatic Dan Smith and the beautiful Ella Eyre to the exquisite blend of instruments from both bands.  We even had a cameo DJ set commentary by DJ Locksmith of Rudimental to crank up the levels. Rudimental’s Piers and Kesy led on the keys with the latter, who incidentally  was the first artist to wear the Mosaiqe Canvas Timepieces  during the performance, concluding the set alongside bass guitarist Amir in an electrifying manner.

Such was the stature of this performance it has seen the collaboration shoot up the itunes charts list – incredible! What is more admirable is the innate nature of these artists to share and give. If it’s not their musical talents or energy it’s their heart. All proceeds of their spontaneous single are being donated to War Child – can you ‘Feel the Love?’  It’s now your turn to show your support for great British music and artists who themselves are supporting  great causes around the world by acquiring the single. This is not a time to procrastinate Here it is..

We salute you ‘Bastimental’  for delivering music with the energy, technicality and emotion that it should always be accompanied with. 


Piece & Love