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Art breeds conversation . . .

Sitting here looking at a sculpture with my friend and it dawned on me – not everyone perceives art in the same way. I gazed at it lustfully, whereas he wasn’t too bothered about it and was more so confused with the artist’s thought process behind it, which I found quite intriguing. Let’s steer clear of the scientific side of things in regards to everyone’s eyes being different etc and let’s stay close to why we felt internally different about the sculpture.

It is widely known that subjectivity crosses over into all realms of perception and it is most certainly apparent in the perception of art (which has now hit home). Subjectivity holds so many beautiful qualities when concerned with art because it allows the artist’s work to remain infinite. When I speak of infinite I mean in the sense of even though they create it with a specific meaning the art appreciator may find a different meaning for it. This meaning can then be translated into untold entities as it becomes exposed to the rest of the world. Art breeds conversation and conversation breeds exposure, which is an artist’s dream.

Hand sculpture double

Art can also have an objective essence to it in terms of understanding the basics of what a piece of art is showing. Let’s use the sculpture for instance (it’s red) – so it will be objectively known that the sculpture is red. However this does not leave room for connecting with the piece in a way an artist may hope.

Art will always be a wonderful creation to the world regardless of how it is subjectively perceived. Whether negative or positive the art appreciator (or lack there of) will always have their own perception of art, which could essentially be wonderful to them.

The Mona Lisa Smile may be a beautiful masterpiece to some but a boring piece of art to others – it’s all in the heart of art – get it?

Anyway just thinking out loud – what do you think?




Welcome,  we’re so glad you’re reading this! Just to bring you up to speed before we get into the crème de la crème of exhilarating art revelations you may want to know what this is all about. The Mosaiqe blog is dedicated to giving art a voice. Art can be perceived subjectively in a million and one ways so we have created a platform for you to share and give life to your perceptions. There are no boundaries when creating art so we believe there are also no boundaries when discussing art. We are fluent in understanding the passion artists as well as art lovers’ hold when it comes to pieces they connect with.

Let’s take a moment – think back to a piece of art that evoked a distinctive memory, emotion or reaction in you. That particular piece or performance that left you feeling so glum, pensive or extremely cheerful in connecting with it that you just wish you could share it with the world. Just imagine a place where you could raise thought provoking perceptions or discussions about those evocations until your heart is content.

Mosaiqe Play

Another moment if you will – have you ever read an article about art or seen a video on YouTube that made your mind go into into a hysterical creative fit because you were blown away by the insights? Did you have the sudden urge to share it with someone but no one around you was really interested? Or perhaps a simple screenshot and ‘whatsapp’ message to someone who was just didn’t suffice? If you answered yes to these questions then the Mosaiqe blog may just be your new best friend. We recognise these situations and often find ourselves in similar scenarios. So the birth of the blog is a 24 hour universal cafe for all creatives minus refreshments as they are deemed hazardous on the optic fibres. The objective view of art generally seems to umbrella the concept to simply looking at a painting and making a comment yet we know that you know this is not the case.

The Mosaqie blog illustrates art  with different perspectives that we  hope you will find satisfying and  mind nurturing. As well as stimulating the mind you will also find many new ideas, concepts, exclusives and new artists to look out for. We hope you enjoy reading this blog as much as we enjoying creating it for you.

So without further adieu I would like to introduce to you: Mosaiqe Play. This clip is a taste of the mind, heart and art that is Mosaiqe – we hope you enjoy!



Art: Beauty Vs Story

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