When you've been vheated on Is time really a healer?

Written By Dee Nacole

I knew his schedule inside out; I had it down to a tee. I knew the people he chilled with and spent time with. Then it all began to shift, his time was more valuable elsewhere, and he began hanging out with a new crowd, taking detours from work. He began doing everything that excluded me.

But how could I prove this? How could I prove where he was when he wasn’t with me? It all sounded too much, paranoid even. Of course he can have time apart from me, but why didn’t he want to spend any of his time with me? Who else had his attention?

A woman’s intuition they call it. That instinct telling you to question his honesty, that little voice telling you to check his phone, that feeling telling you deep inside that the love is gone.

I think the hardest part to deal with after you have been cheated on is accepting it. Accepting that everything in the relationship that you have been working and building on has just been instantly decimated, because of someone else’s decisions and actions that you had no control over. Accepting that the trust has been broken, and although you may forgive, you will forever replay that moment which will not let you forget.

They say it takes double the amount of time you were with someone before you get over them. Who’s got that kind of time? Everyone says give it time and I will get over it. They make it sound so logical, perhaps they are right.  Maybe the healing process is just a question of time. 

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